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The harmless training device to control your dog’s barking

All dogs bark - and in many cases their barking is completely natural and acceptable.

In fact there are many occasions when we want our dogs to bark - not least of all to alert us to intruders or any other unwelcome situations.

But some dogs will bark incessantly throughout the day and night, causing considerable annoyance to their owners and neighbours. That’s where an anti bark collar can come to your rescue and give you some respite from incessant and infuriating barking which can cause distraction to your everyday life.

This site only features the spray and ultrasonic type of anti bark collars - you won’t find any sign of the controversial static shock type of collar which has already been banned in Wales.

It’s very important to remember that an anti bark collar is a device which should only be used for the time it takes to bring your dog’s barking under control - it’s certainly not something which should be used indefinitely - this would most likely cause your pet unnecessary distress.

Types of Anti Bark Collar - Spray and Ultrasonic

There are two main types of anti bark collar - the ultrasound anti bark collar and the lemon or citronella spray anti bark collar which are featured on this site. There is also an extremely controversial type of collar - the static shock model - which you will not see here as they have been deemed inhumane and have recently been banned in Wales, with other countries set to follow.

ULTRASONIC ANTI BARK COLLAR: The ultrasonic anti bark collar controls dog barking by emitting a very high-pitched ultrasonic sound each time your pet barks which cannot be heard by the human ear. After a period of time this type of dog training collar will start to bring your pet's barking under control - your dog will soon learn that when it stops barking the annoying ultrasonic sounds will stop also. This is the preferred type of anti bark collar for many dog owners.

ANTI BARK SPRAY COLLAR: This type of dog spray collar is extremely popular with dog owners and expels a jet of or citronella spray each time your dog barks. Dogs find this spray most unpleasant but will quickly realise that when they stop barking the unpleasant jets of citronella spray stop too. So when your dog stops annoying you with its barking, you stop annoying it with unwelcome blasts of harmless spray. The hissing noise of the spray startles the dog and a generally dislike citronella smell. Scentless sprays are also available with some brands of anti bark collar and refills are easy to buy.

This site does not approve of the static electric shock type of anti bark collar which many countries are considering banning - the shock from these devices is thought to be very mild but it is much more humane to use the ultrasonic or citronella types of anti bark collar. No conscientious dog owner will wish to run the risk of distressing or frightening their pet.

When choosing an anti bark collar it's important to take into careful consideration the weight, breed and age of your dog. A puppy, for example, should be over six months old before an anti bark collar is fitted. Instructions provided with most anti bark collars will offer guidelines about the weight and age considered suitable for a barking deterrent collar. Anti bark collars from the highly regarded company PetSafe, for example, top with a very thorough instructions, tips and advice about using an electronic collar. The company also offers excellent customer support about the use of an anti bark collar.
Fitting an anti bark collar could not be easier. They come in a variety of sizes and should be positioned at medium tightness - not too tight or loose - around your dog's neck, just like any other dog collar. You should not attempt to attach a dog lead to it and if your pet is a long-haired breed you should consider trimming back the hair from the front of its neck. The anti bark collar should be fitted next to its normal collar.

Ultimately the decision is yours regarding which anti bark collar to buy - but it may be worth bearing in mind that university studies and other research indicate that the citronella spray anti bark collars are twice as effective as the electric-based static shock collars to discourage barking.

Things to consider before fitting an Anti Bark Collar

It must be emphasised how important it is to consider carefully the cause of your dog's barking before contemplating fitting it with an anti bark collar. There are several scenarios where it would be deemed unreasonable - if not cruel - to try to stop your dog barking with an anti bark collar.
Do not fit a bark control collar if your pet is barking because it seems frightened - some dogs suffer from separation anxiety which will result in them barking and pacing about anxiously. If this appears to be the case with your dog, you should consult a vet or pet counselling specialist about the matter.
Similarly, do not use an anti bark collar on a barking dog that is blind or old - doing so will probably make the situation worse for an old and confused dog. Talk to your veterinarian as soon as possible about the matter as drugs are available which can help with the situation.

You should also avoid using an anti bark collar on a dog which has a high-pitched yap or bark - an anti bark collar will not detect very high sound frequencies and will fail to work.

We feature an extensive range of anti bark collars from some of the UK's top pet stores and other leading names including Pet Supermarket, Daxon, Medic Animal,, Zooplus, Homebase, Pets at Home, Amazon and Pet Planet. Among the reputable anti bark collar brand names featured are Multivet, Aboistop, Jetcare, Silent Pet, PetSafe, Innotec and Acquiesce.

We also feature a range of stationery dog bark control devices - these can be positioned in your home or outdoors and can be freestanding or wall-mounted. There are effective at range of up to 100 square metres and emit an ultrasonic sound when barking is detected  

Our prices for an anti bark collar start at under £10 and rise to around £100 for the top models - so we’re confident you’ll be able to find a dog barking collar that suits your budget. We advice you to take a look a few products and read about them first before choosing which anti bark collar to buy.


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Compare UK prices for a Dog Anti Bark Collar

Is your dog driving you barking mad? If so, you need a harmless spray or ultrasonic anti bark collar to bring your pet’s barking under control.

You won’t find a better range of anti bark collars than ours - we’ve tracked down all the best prices at leading UK stores. We also feature a range of bark control stations which are used in the home.

Controlling a dog’s barking is no easy challenge - but an electronic anti bark collar is a proven method for helping you solve the problem.

We’ve rounded up the best dog training collars to stop barking from many of most reputable UK stores including Pet Supermarket, Zooplus, Pets At Home, Pet Planet and Amazon.

The two most popular types of anti bark collar are ones which expel a harmless spray jet when your dog barks and those which emit an ultrasonic sound only your dog can hear to discourage barking. These are not the same as the static shock collars which have been banned in countries including Wales.

A cheap bark control collar can be bought for under £10 with prices rising to around £100. All our featured stores operate secure online payment facilities for your peace of mind

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